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Welcome to Mozambique

This is a country with a great deal to offer. Our agricultural potential is immense; our vast mineral and energy resources growing; the natural beauty of our long coastline and rich fauna and flora of the interior are idyllic secrets to share with our visitors. Our arts, culture and culinary add to the hospitality that motivates you to come back. With this in mind we wish to assist you in a safe and stress free journey by sharing with you Mozambique's travel regulations. Mozambique has a predominantly tropical climate, with a cool season from May to July.  The rainy season is from November to April.

Documents needed to enter Mozambique:

  • Valid passport: Valid for at least 6 months after your date of return. (SA Residents do not require visas. All other nationalities requires visas.)

  • Very Important: An unabridged birth certificate for all minors travelling with you.

  • Valid drivers license. All drivers mus be in possesion of a valid drivers license. (S.A. drivers license is accepted)

  • Original vehicle registration papers, or a SAPS certified copy, not older than 3 months.

  • Is the vehicle still under a lease or instalment agreement with a financial institution? You then require a letter from the financial institution giving you permission to take the vehicle into Mozambique.

  • Compulsory third party liability insurance certificate. If you buy your Hollard certificate online please print the certificate before you enter Mozambique.

  • All official temporary import/export documents are available at the border posts only. Ask an official which form/s need to be completed.

Traveller's allowances: (per person, 30 day period)

  • 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars

  • Alcoholic drinks : 1litre of spirits and 2.25litres of wine. (children under 18 do not qualify for this allowance)

  • Pharmaceutical products: quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption

  • other goods up to the value of $50

Border Hours:

  Opens Closes
Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia
Easter, Mid Dec - Mid Jan
06H00 22H00
Open 24 Hours
Kosibay / Ponta do Ouro 08H00 17H00
Goba (Swaziland) 07H00 20H00
Namaacha (Swaziland) 07H00 20H00
Pafuri 07H00 16H00
Giriyondo - Kruger National Park According to KNP gate times

Border and Customs

  • Obtain vehicle voucher at the gate and park.
  • "Runners" are not government officials. No official fees are payable on either side of the border for the completion of documents. It is advised not to use them.
  • Individuals to have their passports stamped in the customs office
  • Driver to have the vehicle voucher stamped in the customs office
  • Driver to obtain a vehicle form, complete it with information of the vehicle, trailer, any electronic equipment and have it stamped at the customs office.
  • For duty items go to the duty counter, declare goods and pay duty. Keep documentation the duration of travel as proof of payment
  • Proceed in your vehicle to the gate and hand in your vehicle voucher
  • Customs officials are at liberty to search your vehicle
  • If you are caught with undeclared items they will be confiscated, and you may be liable for a fine.

Travelling in Mozambique:

International and South African driver's licenses are recognised in Mozambique.  Avoid travelling at night as there are some crazy drivers on the road.  If you have to drive by night, drive slowly as some vehicle have no lights or reflectors.  Broken down vehicles are left on the road and are sometimes indicated by tree branches left in the road.  Hooting is acceptable in Mozambique, so use it to warn pedestrians you are approaching.  Watch out for children running accross the road without looking for oncoming traffic.

Traffic police will probably stop you on occasions to check vehicles and "papeis" (papers).  The following will be needed: Driver's licence, temprary import papers, "serguro" (third party insurance) and passports.  When towing a trailer a blue and yellow triangle needs to be fixed to the right front of the towing vehicle and the right back of the trailer (or towed vehicle). "Seguro" Third Party Insurance is compulsory for foreign registered vehicles.

All official documents required to be completed at the borderpost of entry are only available at the borderposts. Enquire from an official which forms need to be completed. Do not make use of "Runners".

The vehicle must be equipped with two red emergency triangles, and 2 yellow reflective vests. It is recommended that you have a small fire extinguisher in your vehicle. Safety belts must be worn at all times.  Some policemen might try to fine travellers for bogus offences. Stand your ground if you have the necessary documentation.  If you feel you are miss treated, take the policemen's number which is on a tag on his chest and lodge a formal complaint at the closest police station.

Original ownership papers for vehicles are needed to get through the border posts. If your vehicle is still under a lease agreement, get a letter from the bank, giving you permission to take the vehicle across the border.  Ensure that your current comprehensive vehicle insurance is valid in Mozambique.

Observe speed limits well within the stated limits since the authorities might use outdated and uncalibrated radar and other equipment. If the speed limit is 60Kph drive at 55Kph to be on the safe side.

There are different officials on the road performing specific functions and controlling various elements.

The information contained herein will provide for a more friendly and courteous interaction between officials and road users.

When stopping for an official, please indicate, stop and turn on your hazard lights. Kindly turn down the music and remove your sunglasses. The officer will appreciate this small token of respect.

  • Officers in White Shirt and Blue Trousers - Traffic Police - shall carry identification, with their name and number visible on their uniform - are permitted to fine you for traffic violations. Please insist on the written fine and do not initiate a bribe. This will ensure that you are not extorted from and pay the correct fine. Help stamp out corruption.
  • Officers in Light Grey Shirt and Dark Grey Trousers - Protection Police - are NOT permitted to fine you for any violations. They are allowed to take you to the police station for arrest only if you are found carrying stolen goods or illegal substances or contraband, or for theft or assault They normally work together with the traffic police.
  • Officers in Dark Green - Rapid Intervention Police - similar to duties to Protection Police.
  • Officers in Light Green Shirt and Green Trousers with Red Armband - Taxi Police - are only permitted to check taxis.
  • Officers in Light Blue Shirt and Blue Trousers - Alfandega/Customs - permitted to search vehicles for undeclared items.
  • Military - Allowed to search vehicle at roadblocks or border posts.

General Info

  • Camping is only allowed in authorised demarcated areas.

  • Access to beaches must be on existing roads only

  • It is illegal to drive on the beach unless you are launching a boat. Your vehicle could be impounded if you are caught.

  • Keep the safety of the people on the beach in mind

  • Mozambican permit to launch a boat is obtainable at the Maritime Office in any major town along the coastline. Enquire at the local police station whre the maritime office is if you could not find it before you launch your boat. You can get a hefty fine for launching without a permit.


  • Most basic foodstuff can be bought in Mozambique

  • Local Markets sell vegetables, fruit, seafood, bread, eggs, rice and other basics

  • Cold drinks and beer are widely available from shops

  • Red meat is not easily available and long life milk, fruit juice, cheese and dairy products are quite expensive

  • Use bottled water or boil water prior to consumption.


The local currency is called METICALS (mt)  The current exchange rate varies at around 3mt to the Rand (ZAR).  This will vary and is directly connected to the international markets.  For the best exchange rate it is advisable to go to a Mozambican bank .  Money can also be exchanged at dealers, but don't expect the same rate as offered by the bank.  Locals might also offer to exchange money, but be aware of being short-changed as they are master con-artists and often offer false exchange rates.  Rands and Dollars are also accepted.



Mozambique Tourism Advisory Service | Border requirements and documents for Mozambique | Compulsory Third Party Vehicle Insurance and Triangles | Mozambican Currency | Meticals